The awakening. 

How I wake my 3 y/o: Quietly open the door, gently rub her back and whisper her name until she wakes up. Snuggle her until she is ready to get out of bed. 
How my 3 y/o wakes me up: Burst the door open and rush in as if the apocalypse is nigh. Climb onto the bed and continuously jump onto my abdomen is such a way as to definitely cause internal bleeding in at least 2 newly ruptured organs. Place her freezing hands of icy death onto my back in an attempt to push my directly over the edge. Proceed to use her icy feet of frostbite to push more. Blow raspberry on my arm. Rip my blankets off with the force of a typhoon. Yell like a hurricane directly in my ear “It’s time to wake up Daddy!!!!”